19% what occupy annals to show profit amount; " year reported 2018 " empty increases profit amount 2" think obviously, be issued to lower levels of interest rate of loan of early days guiding lowers interest definitely through falling, the conduction that sequel passes market mechanism (loan is conducted to deposit) with reform (the loan that put an amount is standard switch) will realize LPR be issued to lower levels and fall costAccompany those who follow move civilian old market to last hot, brigade bummer veteran investor invested redound to have to managing travel civilian to lodge for the night more rational examine

Suffer empty to add operating costs, empty to add the defray outside doing business and empty to add asset to reduce value loss effect, year report empty decreased river deer island 2017 profit 279 million yuan[with mountain drug industry capsule of Lian Huaqing acute communicable diseases obtains Laos medicines and chemical reagents to register certificate] on June 29, issue announcement with mountain drug industry, the company received the medicines and chemical reagents that medicines and chemical reagents of food of Laos Ministry of Public Health manages approve is signed and issue to register certificate recently, in approving company drug to spend capsule of clear acute communicable diseases to accord with Laos repeatedly, officinal standard is registered, certificate period of efficacy ends on June 21, 2023It is reported, this the conference agrees with 7 tickets, 0 tickets object, 0 tickets abstain, pass consistently " about election company president second reading " reach " about adjusting the 9th board of directors of company special committee committee member

The enterprise on regulation of building materials industry was finished 2019 advocate business Wu income 5Up to in March 2020 end, indebted rate is asset of content of beautiful Kang Sheng 56886 billion yuan, net profit 1

Newest and regular report shows, number of this company shareholder (door) it is fifty-nine thousand three hundred, relatively last reports period increase 18(Responsibility edits: DF386) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footing" executive opinion " put forward, beijing market superintends bureau general with " had done " for the standard, exploration begins company business charter and combination of item of concerned administration license to examine and approve inside domain of duty of market superintendency department pilot

Carry coordinated each to ensure a branch to had done relevant preparation work ahead of schedule that day, seedling of seasonable understanding chicken takes an airliner to run dynamic message, encounter airliner incur loss through delay, when cancelling to wait for special situation, inform a client in time, assist a client to do work of very follow-up carriage safeguard(Responsibility edits: DF386) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footing" Han Youwei's lawyer tells " negotiable securities daily " reporter, "Because this case violates the time that behavior carries out, findings to come out to punish announcement time to happen before negotiable securities law edits, because of the before punishing law of applicable still negotiable securities to edit regulation of this case

of industry of Shandong sun paper to save papermaking guild for Shandong new chairman of a spellConsidering Chu Mou east pester, the negative effect that mobbish behavior brings to the company and the interference of normal to the company management order, some is industrial company by force of but, return 746368Seek day of opinion general Yu Ming (on June 30) end