The technology innovates " escort the Emperor " consumption upgrades Wu Jinduo tells " international finance signs up for " reporter: "A country consumes the promotion of ability, short-term suffer stimulative step effect, metaphase depends on of the dweller buy ability and dweller can control income, depend on for a long time of the technology upgrade and iteration9%

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Right now the government is reached more easily with the people consistent, because the people also thinks,this is the job that must want to doAnd 50% of the total market prise that the market prise that these stock place occupy wants to occupy whole Nasidake9% par interest rateSo we do not give town to change exorbitant expectation, what answer relatively with this is to should pay close attention to " big city is changed " , more population flow toward big city, these popular cities that develop toward provincial capital city, economy flow

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(3)IMF reduces global economy growth to anticipate: Near future IMF reduced what global GDP grew 2020 to anticipate once more, predict global GDP will be atrophic this year 4(Origin: The first finance and economics) Zhou Xiaochuan: Raise Shanghai harbor to connect further, Shanghai human relations connects the open sex that waits for market admittance to be on forum of mouth of home of the 12nd land, zhou Xiaochuan expresses, begin from 2014, we did Shanghai harbor to connect in succession, deep harbor is connected, again Shanghai human relations is connected later, open sex increases substantially, this respect still can rise further"Cancelled GDP to grow a target 2020, pay attention to bottom line thinking moreFrom on card put together shows at present the industry is formed in light of, finance, hand in the traditional periodic industry such as carry, chemical industry, excavate to occupy taller, and the new economy industry of the direction of transition of structure of delegate China economy such as consumption, medicine, science and technology is occupied than relatively inferior, make with hardware of semiconductor, science and technology, Internet, software, high end especially wait for the industry of science and technology that is a delegate, occupy than be in under these industries apparently the proportion in national economy is mixed position

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    The 4th become divided is the become divided of the enterprise, the industry is centered toward the head, portion is in the market of head enterprise to promote ceaselesslyLook ahead, 2020 with the oldest 2018 way that differs to depend on credit cycle, credence of big probability of prospective half an year won't contract continuously, so the effect that had similar stabilizer to integral marketBuffett passed value 55 years to invest in the past, invest in good company, obtained 27, the net value of 000 times grows

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      Overseas market respect, US stock Zhou Er closes go up, index of Na Sida gram and many science and technology all achieve dish in as new as closing quotation history tall, of the US stock go situation still driving, dow Jones index also rose 0Although lower interest, of infinite quantity release fluidity, the effect of these measure to the stock market it is advantageous, but to whole economy anabiosis

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    Not come singly but in pairs, foreign capital is in this year besides because overseas market steeps fall,brought about a few foreign capital to remove a domestic fire fighting March, other month foreign capital is being quickened flow intoField of A stock market lags behind at the US stock, but bovine city can be late only won't absentBe based on this to forecast, after a few quarters, whole obtain employment and income growth can regain normal level stage by stage

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    Not was 2000 so the money later exceeds hair did not bring inflation, if do not have a money to exceed,send however, inflationary level may lower, the money exceeds sending still is to have those who urge action to inflationA overall meeting and Euramerican market more and more conform, stock of big market prise can have more investment opportunities


95%The field wants outside, although global policy is maintained comfortable, economic limit is improved