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And go two years gold price for two times rise considerably yield of national debt of United States of main profit from steeps fall, make the opportunity cost of hold gold drops considerablyUS stock in March since the last ten-day of a month rebound the stimulation of money of main profit from and finance policy, overlay investor restarts to economy and the anticipation of vaccine of new coronal virus is driven8 percent, but still prep above 2019 annual level, show whole of circumstance of current obtain employment is relatively stable4 percent2020-05-24 10:39:51 Ning Ji : I am very glad to answer the query of Japanese media reporterOneself of kinds of integrated model result and each are big asset is logistic, prices may divide for two phase: June ~9 month, the proposal is relatively balanced configuration; Four quarters configure a proposal with give priority to; Logic of configuration of gold, crude oil is perforative two phase, overall pick upLine of business of service of national statistic bureau investigates a center Zhao Qinghe of high count division is unscrambled China purchased manager index in May 2020 manufacturing industry purchased manager index is small fall after a rise May but still be not index of activity of manufacturing industry business affairs to continue to pick up on vicissitude line integrated PMI yields the index keeps balance -- national statistic bureau serves industryProfit from business income is added fast accelerate and dial equipment plan to carry add fast put delay, appear on the market silver-coloredObtain early or late " western big development opinion " , " opinion of market economic system " the authority of this two big files decides tune, OK and affirmatory, the situation of strategy of economy of 7 big countries of region economy domain has formed: "One belt all the way " , Beijing ferry look forward to cooperates with economy of development, the Yangtse River takes unifinication of area of delta of development, the Yangtse River protection of zoology of construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of development, another name for Guangdong Province, the Huanghe valley and high quality development, advance Hainan to deepen reforming and opening in the roundIn the meantime, how does lucky silver-colored negotiable securities, Guo Taijun give out consistently forecast 116:08:12 pieces of course of study satisfy: Thank Premier Li Kejiang, begin to quiz nowNotable is, do poineering work this board reform is pilot register make, for red prepared an enterprise to design close city level, make arrangement of system of 7 specific aim, open bosom is received high grade red prepare enterprise regressionIntegrated and character, face of later period message or it is good to maintain interest point topicks up range is bigger, bldgIn daily optimistic state of mind while, the author also reminds him to be on guard as far as possible constantly all sorts of potential risks, the asset diligence that is each holder is responsibleUp to by May 2020, orgnaization investor holds stock market value to occupy A the scale of current market prise is adjacent 30%May, imports and exports of our country foreign trade 254 million person, than going up year of the corresponding period is little add 1So taking one with another, raise deficit rate appropriately, issue fight debt of exotic nation of epidemic disease spy to wait, since is feasible, also be safe, also be necessary at the same time11% , share 9 part go up exceed 30%2019, appear on the market the supportive strength that the bank increases pair of hypostatic economy, the proportion that year end loan holds total assets is amounted to 52

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The first, exert oneself promotes the market system that builds high level95 trillion yuan; Negotiable securities of trade of short for Zhejiang Province, day wind negotiable securities, east Wu Zheng certificate gives out respectively forecast it is 1


This adds up together before comparing one, double be it probablyWe begin to suggest everybody buys a few optional consumption before in a many month, include a company to take, medium board piece etc[much home is new 3 board the enterprise is centered " drive one's deceased father " division achieve board accept look of enlarge of a group of people of same interest to reach 381] before dragon boat festival the last trade day, 11 divisions are achieved " examinee " concentration " knock at the door " division achieve board


5% low, need to press muscularity outside report3 trillion